On the road of (self) mastery

The 10,000th Hour in:

Congratulations and welcome to your world! It's time to review the progress, contributions and growth during this time of diligent effort. It is time to share the fruits of labor and enjoy!


About this collection…

Excepting a few pieces, the artwork displayed here are academic pursuits on the path from digital discontent to digital greatness.  There are technical execution exercises from early days learning Adobe programs and demonstrating my understanding of key graphic design concepts. With academic conditions existing and options limited to project requirements, I found very little room to create any truly “inspired” work in my beginning art classes.

Rookie student art and graphic design compositions are, for the most part, relatively simple and uninteresting, especially to a trained, or professional, eye. The fact remains, however that in order to become versed in any craft, the rookie stage must be endured and transcended early on the path of development. I like to think my skills are much improved these days.  Gauging such a factor, of course, is easier looking back.

The 10,000th hour is dead-ahead as I continue working on my art and pursuing my dreams. The two activities are synonymous for me.  More precisely- I am and continue living my dream, living my art: life as art.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to contribute and co-create. Thank you for being here and reviewing my work. Enjoy!

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I'd love to hear your thoughts. I enjoy opportunities of discovery and meeting new people, checking the chemistry between both like-and differing-minds, especially where collaboration may be possible. Feel free to contact me via any of the social links or using the contact form below. I look forward to it!